General cleaning

Do you need general cleaning?

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Full dusting, chemical treatment, cleaning and polishing of the whole floor area
Door washing
Washing and cleaning of window glasses and frames
Chemical treatment of furniture
Washing and cleaning of pipes and objects at high elevations
Cleaning, washing and disinfection of tiled surfaces
Dusting and washing of railings and radiators
Cleaning of upholstered furniture and machine cleaning of carpets
Cleaning of switches and power sockets
Complete disinfection of common rooms
Dusting and cleaning of luminaries
Dusting and cleaning of flower pots
During smaller and bigger cleaning tasks

Worth noting

The main rule of cleaning is to proceed from the top down and from the inside out. This avoids re-contaminating things that have already been cleaned.
It is important to air during and after cleaning so that dust leaves while the apartment fills with clean air.
The best tool to dust the walls, ceiling and things out of reach and to remove cobwebs is a duster.
Cupboards are washed on the outside and the inside. Books are dusted (by knocking them together) and swept clean outdoors.
Washing and cleaning of pipes and objects at high elevations.
After cleaning, stripes from window glasses are removed with paper. Curtains are replaced while wet so that they acquire their proper shape while hanging.
Bedclothes are placed outdoors in the sun to air, as this is effective against dust mites.
The leaves of houseplants are swept with a wet cloth, or alternatively with a cotton soaked in thinned milk/beer.

Corporate Christmas party coming up?

If you would like a thorough cleaning of the office before the big company event (or afterwards), ask for our general cleaning service, and we’ll take the burden off your shoulders!

CleanNet provides its comprehensive services based on pre-agreed requirements to the highest satisfaction of our customers. If you charge us with general cleaning, you will be able to celebrate the end of the year in a clean and fresh environment with your colleagues.

We offer a reliable cleaning staff and favorable prices throughout the year!

Clean house pets and offices

Today, there are several dog-friendly offices, where colleagues like to bring their house favorites with them. As much attention as their owners pay to hygiene, they may still be the source of several health hazards, and lead to several additional cleaning tasks. Hair accumulates on the carpets and furniture, and may also easily lead to allergic reactions.

The professionals of our cleaning company employ the best cleaning products to make sure that colleagues can bring their pets in while avoiding all health risks.

Carpet cleaning

Rugs and carpets are common in offices. These might be small, serving aesthetic purposes or other uses, but there are also wall-to-wall solutions which lend style and ambiance to the room. Although rare, tapestries may also be present which also require a great deal of attention.

Keeping the rugs clean is a very difficult task. Regular vacuuming is not enough, especially if the office is to be kept in immaculate order and cleanness, as carpets are subject to a lot of stress in this environment. In addition, spills can occur in any environment, leaving stains even when cleaned up. The rugs can also become home to mites, which need to be removed for hygienic purposes.

Contact us if you need the professional cleaning of carpets and rugs when organizing events, meetings, or even for regular cleaning!