Cleaning of windows, glasses and facades

Indoor and outdoor up to a height of 20 meters

Cleaning of windows, glasses and facades

Our company is one of the first professional cleaning companies in Central Europe to employ the cutting edge Puraqleen – pure water cleaning technology, winner of the European Innovation Award. Puraqleen is the new generation solution for cleaning glasses and facades.

We provide chemical cleaning of glass surfaces and windows, including the sweeping of frames and windowsills, and also the careful mechanical removal of deep stains (e.g. old paint stains, mortar).

Environmentally conscious cleaning

We use nature friendly cleaning agents made of biodegradable materials to keep our Earth and ourselves healthy. This means that when it comes to the cleaning of buildings or general cleaning, environmentally friendly solutions are guaranteed in addition to immaculate cleanliness.

In addition, some common materials found in the kitchen can completely replace expensive chemical agents. It’s enough just to look around the house. These include washing soda, lemon juice, baking soda, acetic acid, raw milk, egg whites, lemon, white vinegar, glycerol, pure alcohol and borax. In addition, these are so effective that in addition to cleaning the home, they are perfect choices for the general cleaning of offices and even complete office buildings.

Dusting can be performed using a soft cloth and pure water, while a piece of linen dipped in warm milk can even be used for washing furniture. Leather surfaces are treated with egg white or raw milk. The surfaces of windows and mirrors are treated with soapy water followed by hot water with vinegar, and swept clean with newspapers. Washing soda is used for mopping, while lemon, white vinegar, glycerol, pure alcohol and borax can be used for removing stains from carpets.

Lime scale can be removed from bathrooms and kitchens using water with vinegar. Lemon juice is a descaler and disinfectant, good for whitening and treating metals. A mixture of baking soda, vinegar and hot water comes in handy when removing deeper stains.

What more, these great tools using during everyday cleaning tasks are also easy on the skin!

Professional window cleaning for the perfect shine!

The cleaning of windows is not something that is done every week. In addition, cleaning without the appropriate tools can leave stains on the glass. What more, windows and facades that are higher up are not readily accessible, making their cleaning all the more difficult.

This is why the best decision is to leave the task to a professional cleaning company! If you do so, you will save time and energy, and will not need to spend huge amounts of money to buy the special tools yourself which have been developed specifically for the cleaning of windows and facades, as CleanNet already has these!

Our company takes the load off your shoulder! As part of our professional cleaning service, we clean all windows and glass surfaces, and even facades!

With our help, every corner of your office will be immaculately clean. All you have to do is contact us and order our service!

The window cleaning process

For everyday people, general cleaning becomes a difficult chore over time, especially when it comes to a tall building or an office complex with hundreds of rooms. In the latter case, it is clear that professional services are required to make sure that a thorough cleaning reaches everywhere, even where access is more difficult.

Anyone can do a good enough job, but if you are looking for truly professional cleaning, call a tried and tested cleaning service! Don’t waste your time cleaning the windows of the office, contact CleanNet Kft!