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CleanNet Kft. was established to provide a full suite of high-quality services quickly to clients based on their needs, in compliance with the ever increasing need for domestic building cleaning. Our aim is to achieve a cleaner environment in the wide spectrum of cleaning services. Our references, along with a long line of satisfied cleaning clients prove that we have been successful in achieving this goal!

Whether it comes to cleaning offices or general cleaning, our goal is the same as that of our clients: quality work performed to the satisfaction of all parties. In order to achieve this, we maintain close contact with our clients, are open to solving challenging situations that may arise, and to quickly comply with all cleaning requirements. Daily checks performed by our regional managers and daily liaison with our clients guarantee that our professional cleaning services are the best possible and that long term and successful cooperation is established.

High quality professional background, trained staff

The professional background of CleanNet Kft. is marked by hundreds of thousands of square meters cleaned to a shine and countless long-term assignments. The outstanding quality of our cleaning services is guaranteed by several years of experience gathered in West Europe. Our company places serious emphasis on the continuous professional training of our staff, cleaning crews, and management, thereby ensuring that our projects are performed at a high level of quality, efficiently, without damages, and safely, whether it comes to cleaning offices, buildings, or general cleaning.

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European pool of assets and cleaning agents

A cutting edge pool of cleaning assets and a modern offering of cleaning agents are essential components of high quality professional cleaning services. The products used by us are all ISO certified and mostly supplied by German and Swiss suppliers (KIEHL, VERMOP, CLEANFIX, MEIKO). Of course, in addition to cleaning and maintaining various surfaces, the most important consideration when selecting cleaning agents is to protect our environment. Accordingly, our company is one of the first in Central Europe to employ the cutting edge award winning Puraqleen – pure water cleaning technology. Puraqleen is a new generation solution for cleaning glasses and facades. As such, it is an important pillar of our cleaning services that our clients who are mindful of sustainability can also rely on.

The constructive partner

The best choice

We are open to solving challenging issues, as in addition to providing irreproachable and professional cleaning services, our aim is to establish long term and successful cooperation with our clients.

When cleaning office buildings and other locations, we employ hygienic chemicals and tools supplied by KIEHL and VERMOP for the cleaning of various facilities. In addition, we also use cleaning trolleys, washable disinfection mops and a color coded wipe system. In addition to the manual tools and cleaning agents listed, we also use high performance explosion proof machines by CLEANFIX.

The most important component of the internal development of our cleaning service system is the new training and quality control system that is being introduced. Our staff received regular and mandatory training in labor safety, accident prevention and fire safety. Furthermore, they participate at theoretical, practical, and professional training courses held by the Hungarian Cleaning Industry Association where they gain hygiene skills, learn about the use of cleaning agents and tools, their proper dosage and their mechanism of action. All this in order to clean professionally and achieve client satisfaction!

The daily exchange of information between the delegated contact persons of the institution and our service managers is a fundamental requirement. This is because our services are based on good partnerships. This is the most important precondition of providing consistent high quality, without which the impeccable cleaning of buildings and offices would not be possible.

Ready made work orders and other policies also form a part of internal control processes. These are received by our staff at their place of work, thereby also guaranteeing that our cleaning service is provided professionally and reliably.